Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Do Chopping Onions Made Us Cry?

My husband and I love onions. We use a lot of them on almost everything that we eat. But there is something that I don't like with the onions, it is the chopping; it always made me cry. I know it does to you, too.
Why do chopping onions made us cry? I found this answer after I "Google It". Onions made us cry because of an oil called "Allyl" which is inside every onion that when we cut it, this oil escapes into the air and irritates the nerves in our eyes and nose. These nerves send a cry for help to the brain, and the brain responds with tears to soothe the stinging. Hmm... I find this fact rather "sweet". Our senses are communication and helping each other voluntarily.
However, I have my own way of avoiding the tears every time I cut onions. I wear this tight pair of sunglasses on, and it blocked the stings from infesting my eyes. It works on me though. What about you? How do you avoid the stings from onion every time you cut them?

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