Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Start A Collection

When I was still in the Philippines, my roommate/bestfriend and I used to collect wines of different kinds. Opps, I hope you don’t get me wrong; we only purchased bottles of wine that were on sale. It was our hobby and it was fulfilling. There were three reasons why we collected wines which were:
*For Display- We display the bottles of wine even if the content were as little as an ounce
*For Good Time Toast- Birthdays, project done, exam passed, promotion and others.
*For Cooking- Beef, liver or lobsters are at its best when you add a few drops of wine in it when cooking.
I had just decided that once we get settle down in our new house in Florida, I will start anew with this hobby. Add to it is to acquire Rogar estate wine opener . I think this is very cool. This estate wine opener is set on hardwood handle and table stand, that opens and re-corks wine bottle easier, faster and in most stylish way. It has a beautiful hand polished antique bronze finish that it can serve as an ornamental as well. Above all they are proudly crafted and made in U.S.A.
If you want to start a collection, consider to include Rogar wine openers . They are worth it. Visit their website for more designs and other products.

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Pearl said...

hi grace! that's a great idea:-)