Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Craft Business... Soon

I have several hobbies that I can do on times that I don’t feel like getting online, neither cleaning our house. I believe we all have this every once in a while. Those are the days that I just don’t want to make my brain nor my body work too much. I love the relaxing effect I got when both my hands, together with my brain and hearts are into my crafts. One of the hobbies that I got is the beadwork. These are three of the almost hundreds rings that I made already. I gave them away to my friends, family members and to my new acquaintances.
Most of the people that have seen my crafts suggested that I turn it into business. Truth to tell, if I have the chance, I really want to venture into fashion craft business someday. I was into this already when I was still in the Philippines. In fact, I had my handmade greeting cards in two bookstores on consignment arrangement. I would love to do this again here in Florida.
Talking about business, I always believe that presentation of the products plays as one of the most vital rule in marketing them. I know I already presented them well by using a board and a clear plastic to put them in. However, I want to improve on it by getting my own logo design. I know it is not that hard. I found some Logo Design Tips lgt from They also have thousands of samples available for you to choose. This is exciting! I have a feeling that this year is gonna be a better year than it was the previous year.

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