Thursday, January 6, 2011

DOVE Messages

I love Dove chocolates. I always have one every after dinner. It is some kind of a comfort food to me. On some time, especially after a very stressful day or an "unpleasant" day, I just love to lie down on our bed and have one. It kind of gives me some relaxing feeling.
At the back of the foil packaging, you will find a message. It kind of made me smile after reading them. Lately, I have decided to keep every one that got a different messages on it, and wrote it down here for the record. So far, these are the messages that I had collected.
*Stop and enjoy the chocolate aroma.
*Chocolate therapy is "Oh, so good."
*Love rules without rules.
*Open your eyes to all the love around you.
*A good love is delicious because you can never get enough.
*Let your sensuousness shine through.
*Do what feels right.
*You make everything lovely.
*Remember the simple pleasures in life.
*Dazzle your sense of flavor.
*Don't settle for a spark, light a fire instead.
*Ignite your sense of adventure.
*Engage, embrace, enjoy.
*Love every moment.
*Keep the promises you make to yourself.
*Take time to notice the color of the leaves changing.
*Indulge your sense of amusement.

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