Monday, September 19, 2011

My New Dell Inspiron

It has been a couple of months since the last I posted here on my blog. There has been so many things that kept me from blogging and I just can't help it; and just a week ago, I found a way to rekindle my passion in blogging, and that is to buy a new laptop so that I can post anything on anytime and in anywhere.
Yesterday, I went to a baby shower party right after work, and it didn't take long, we parted and went each own way home. In other words, I was home early. I feel depressed, so I decided to watch movie, and found myself still depressed after the movie was over. I was thinking on something to do, eventhough I have so many things on my list that are need to be done but I just didn't feel like doing them, until... alas! "I need to get a laptop right now." I then told my husband, "Honey, I know what I need now, I need a laptop." Let's make the long story short, here it is, my new Del Inspiron.

Thank you, honey, for this. Thank you, God, for this another blessing.

From now on, I will be back to life in blogging more... to do what I am supposed to be doing... to tell God's Amazing Grace... by God's help.


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