Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ROY... You are beautiful!

I was doing the paperwork at the store this morning, and I happened to look outside through the glass and I saw ROY (G. BIB). I was in awe of its beauty. I ran to the office to grab my camera and was very glad that it did not go away, that I was still able to catch its beauty through my camera. It was raining few minutes earlier, and that's how its beauty became more amazing, reminding people that there is a rainbow (or two) after the rain. Yeah, there were times that I saw a couple of rainbows perfectly collided to each other. It was beautiful.

This rainbow reminded me that I can start anew with my life... my priorities... and everything else that are messed up lately. I admit that I was so carried away lately with my work that all the other areas in my life were falling. But the good thing is, the Holy Spirit never fails to remind me on how I ought to live... and with the grace of God, here I am, back on the track. Thank you, Lord... and thank you for the rainbow that you used as an instrument to bring realization to my mind.