Monday, November 18, 2013

Number 3 As A Perfect Number

We all have our opinion. We are entitled to it. Some of us may take advantage of it, while others are too timid to share some. I think I am kind of in between. I love sharing my opinions, but I only do so when I am comfortable with those around me. I guess this is why I created my blog.
Here is what I had in my mind few hours ago. I think number 3 is considered as perfect number, just as with 10 and 100. Here are my reasons why;
*We eat 3 times a day
*We are supposed to brush our teeth 3 times a day
*We wash/rinse the dishes, clothes and food 3 times to be considered as doing it thoroughly
*We count 1 up to 3 to warn our kids, and kids usually response when it comes to 3
*It takes at least 3 to be considered as a crowd
*It takes at least 3 to be called as family (although the truth is that a husband and a wife with no children are practically considered as family)
*It takes at least 3 legs to make any table steady
*In the computer game, it mostly takes 3 tries before the game is over
*In the baseball, it takes 3 strikes before the outs, 3 outs before the other team gets the bat
... and the last one on my list, and this is my favorite;
*Jesus Christ was risen from being dead after 3 days
Thanks for reading. :-)

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retuy said...

I feel very lucky to find your site. Your sharing is meaningful. Wish you have a good day.