Friday, February 7, 2014

Daylinda Clan Reunion 2014

This was our very first ever family reunion on our mother's side. Thus, we called it Daylinda Clan. It was held on January 11, 2014 at Intosan Resort, Danao, Cebu. It was very memorable event for all of us, because I believe that after so many years that we were scattered away from Cebu, it was the first time that the entire family were together in one place with the exception of the three (Noy Bebot, Michelle and Archie (& his family) that are working abroad and can't make it home. With the effort and participation of everybody, (not to mention that some had to skip classes and work) the event was a success and memorable.

You may ask why we picked January 11, it is because our mother's birthday is January 13, and since it fell on Monday, we decided to move it to Saturday for everybody's convenience.

The shirt played a big part on making the event spectacular, too. This design was the evidence that with the family teamwork, we can achieve great things. The fact that everybody was wearing the shirt, was an awesome display of cooperation from everybody. (Special thanks to Vincent for finalizing the shirt design, and for Christian for taking the shirts to the printing shop.)

(to be continued soon...)

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