Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet Coco

Meet Coco. I got him from a garage sale at our neighbor just three houses away from our house.
A couple of days ago, as we were going to Wal-mart, I saw the sign, "Garage Sale". So I told my husband that on our way back home, we will drop by and look what they got.
The usher told us that the benefits of their garage sale will go to the Breast Cancer foundation in our town. All items don't have prices. You just donate any amount you may feel you want to give and 100% of it will go to their foundation.
I had decided to get this Teddy Bear because I thought he is cute and need a home. It took me a while before I was able to find a name for him. I gave him the name Coco because he is so dark brown like a Cocoa.
Back in the Philippines, I have 30+ stuff toys and most of them are large stuff toys. They occupied most space on my bed. I didn't mind that I didn't have much space anymore because I was happy that I have a bunch of company on my bed. I miss them so much. Now that Coco is with me, I feel better... I feel like I am with them again.


iWalk said...

Coco is a lovely name.

When I think it's part of contribution of Breast Cancer foundation, It looks more lovely!

Denise said...

Coco is so cute sweetie. I collect teddybears, love them.

Debbie said...

How cute! And what a great story.

Jacky said...

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