Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cooking With The Stars

Thanks to my friend Sheila McAuliffe for writing the guest post.
I have always wanted to be a professional chef. Although life does not seem to agree with me on the subject, I have found a way to truly enjoy my passion for cooking and food. Watching cooking shows and food stars on Tennessee satellite tvprovides me with the experience of truly feeling like I am in the professional cooking world. I learn great recipes, I cook by the side of my favorite food celebrities and best of all, and my family loves my food! I never imagined watching a cooking program could change my life so much. I have learned more from thirty minutes a day of cooking programming than years of practice and written recipes. The techniques just come to you after you watch them on TV. My favorite cooking stars show me step by step how to perfect the arts of cookies , provide me the recipes and even show me the results. There isn't much more I could ask for than what I already get watching my favorite cooking programs. I feel as if I am in the kitchen with these professional chefs, being tutored one on one. Recipe after recipe turns out delicious. Seeing the food as I cook it provides me with a much better experience. The only thing I enjoy more than watching food programs, is eating the recipes once they're cooked!

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Debbie said...

I love to watch those shows too! I get the best ideas!