Sunday, December 19, 2010

Miracle Happened to Philadelphia Eagles

Hi Everyone! How is your Sunday going? I am having a great Sunday. We had a wonderful and fabulous Christmas presentation at the church followed by a hearty lunch in the conference hall with the purpose of having fellowship with each other, too. That was really one blessed Sunday to us.
At home, I was busy wrapping Christmas gifts, while my husband was watching his favorite sports which is the football. He was watching Philadelphia Eagles versus New York Giants. I was with him for a short while because I want to work on my knitted scarf, and at the same time watching the sport. I am good in doing both. My husband wants the Eagles to win, and it was 10(Eagles) - 24(Giants) when I decided to quit watching because it looked hopeless. I went to the guest room to resume my gift wrapping.
"Honey, you need to watch this," my husband called after a few minutes. I ran out to see what was going on. He made a rewind for me to able to catch up. It was not really a good one that I won't want to miss, but all of a sudden, a particular book that I am reading reminded me to do something for my husband, which is to stay, watch the entire game with my husband, become interested with the sport and share the excitement with him. There was 3 minutes and 10 second left for the game, and I figured that it will be over soon. The score became 10-31. My husband already accepted that his team would lost, but I stayed.
A sudden turn of fate happened. Eagles made another touchdown that turn the score into a tie, 31-31. There was a minute and 8 seconds left. "Will there be a lot of things that will happen in a minute and 8 seconds, honey?" "Oh, yeah." It was 4 seconds left, DeSean Jackson made a giant move, he soared like an eagle and made a touchdown that brought victory to Philadelphia Eagles. 36-31
Boy! I'm glad I stayed to see the miracle that happened to Philadelphia Eagles.

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Gayle Herbert Robinson said...

Yes! I could not believe it. My husband was in the bedroom watching the game, I had assumed that since he wasn't shouting ... yeah... that's it ... and was completely quiet... that they hadn't budged from scoring ten points. When I checked on him, I was shocked to hear that the Eagles had tied 31 to 31 and while I was standing there the winning touchdown was made. I couldn't stop jumping up and down. I'm not really a big football fan, but I love it when it gets close to the playoffs and now the Eagles will be in it! Yay! The Eagles fans need another shot at the Super Bowl. If they get it, I think they might have another miracle. Thanks for the mention. Blessings!